Porsche driving experience finland

the porsche driving experinces offers unique opportunities to steer a porsche under special circumstances. either if it´s on ice and snow, endless deserts, windy mountain roads or on the racetrack - you get to know the matchless porsche driving dynamics. we featured this special program in a series of short films spread on social media.

in accompany with the lifestyle and automotive blogger steve booker, we traveled towards icy northern finland to learn how to drive a porsche 911 turbo on slippy ground. ice, snow and everything inbetween. with a little help from the porsche driving instructors, steve managed to keep beast on track, finally ;-D

agency: udg    idea: matthias kern, martin spies    art direction: benni pausch    project management: benita müller    film production: fenomenal film

north of the polar circle

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